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About the new integration method of Notion and the discontinuation of support for the old integration


It is now possible to link with the document tool "Notion" via API.

With the launch of this service, support for the previous Notion integration (via Slack) will be discontinued by the end of the year.

The following people are subject to this notice:

For those using the conventional Notion integration (via Slack version)

*From now on, the newly launched collaboration method will be referred to as the "API-via version," and the old collaboration method will be referred to as the "Slack-via version."

Background to the change in collaboration method

Previously, data was obtained via the Notion app linked to Slack, but there were the following issues.

  • The collaboration method of acquiring via Slack is special and the collaboration method is complicated.
  • There are restrictions on the data that can be obtained because it is via Slack's Notion app.

In order to improve the above issues, the newly launched version via API acquires data from the API officially provided by Notion. This change has made data linkage easier and increased the types of data that can be retrieved.

Differences in handling data depending on collaboration method

Due to changes in the acquisition method, there are some changes to the data that can be acquired. Please see below for details.

Version via Slack

API version

Page creation, page editing

Create comment, edit comment

Database creation, database editing

Additional information

Data behaviors that have a nested structure as shown below will not be retrieved.

  • Linked databasesDatabases included in the following pages
  • Pages included in pages under database
  • Comments on pages included in the pages below the database

Timeline until support ends

As mentioned above, support for the Slack version will be discontinued by the end of this year. If you are currently using the service, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask you to migrate to the API-based version. If you have any questions, please contact support.


Transition period from Slack version to API version

2023.10.30 ~ 2023.12.31

Restricting access to settings page via Slack

2024.1.8 ~ 2024.1.12

End of support for version via Slack


How to migrate

For information on how to migrate, please see here.

*As of this release, only linked corporate accounts will be able to access each setting page of the Slack version.


Will I be able to view data on the Slack version even after support ends?

Data viewing will become unavailable after support ends.

I can't access the settings page for the Slack version

In order to restrict new linkages, we have placed restrictions on access for those other than corporate accounts that have already been linked at the time of this release. If you are using the Slack version and cannot access it, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the article.

*If you have a target company account, you can access the settings page from here (specific permissions are required for access)

End of support modal doesn't disappear

This will be displayed when accessing the version via Slack with a corporate account that has been linked. It will no longer be displayed by unlinking the Slack version.

The database I want to link is not displayed in the database search via API version.

Although data is obtained in real time via the Notion API, unintended data may be obtained due to the specifications on the Notion side. If the database in question does not appear in the search results, please try again later or enter the database URL directly.


For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us here.

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